One of the most distinctive features of our company is a thorough market research: our mission is satisfying our customers, deeply understanding their desires and their needs, rather than pushing them towards pre-existing choices and options.

Our objective is scouting the market to identify properties in line with the desires and the requests of our customers: we do not limit ourselves only to properties in our portfolio.

After the evaluation of all the necessary information given by our customers, we select and discuss only the best solutions which satisfy all the main requirements agreed with our customers.
Olon Property can provide, upon request, all the collateral services:

Private Transfers

to the chosen and identified locations.

Professional services

Solicitors, notary and architecture firms.


for the redecoration and interior design of the selected property.


provided on request, before or after the purchase, for customers who want “to see” how the property can be transformed.

and extends its services also to:
The same process, confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed for these other activities as they are for the company’s core business.