The idea behind Olon Property arises from the passion and the experience of the founder, Carla Meoni, after many years spent in the real estate and interior design and decoration fields.
During the years she lived abroad (China, Japan, France, Scandinavia and the UK) Carla got to know many real estate agents, both as a colleague and as a customer: this “double” perspective gave her a clear understanding of the good behaviours to adopt and, at the same time, clearly showed her what to avoid.

Strong of these experiences, on both sides of the business, Carla, once back in her home country, set up her company with a proposition substantially different from any other already present in the market, completely focused on a new approach towards the customers, the only real heritage of the company.
The extensive international experience gave her a much deeper understanding of what the customers feel, particularly those from abroad, when they have to take important decisions which would be different and a lot easier in their domestic environment. This explains Olon Property’s focus on the international clients and its effort to minimize their hassles, the difficulties and fears that arise when investing in a country which isn’t your own.

An additional peculiar characteristic of our company is the strategic decision to operate only in the most prestigious markets in Italy and abroad.
Location is location”, nothing is more important in real estate: weather it is a choice driven by a change in your life, a dream finally coming true, or only and simply an investment, our customers are addressed only towards the most prestigious and exclusive locations.

The purchase of a property is the most important decision a person or a family takes in life: for this reason it has to be protected and preserved from factors which could compromise its value over the years.
The best protection against this risk is given by the location, the best guaranty against any depreciation risk that usually hits less exclusive areas, more naturally exposed to these effects.

Last but not least, the founding value of our company is discretion.
Discretion, first and foremost, towards our customers, but also with all the parties of our value chain, is at the basis of all our relationships and the rule which drives the actions of all our partners and colleagues.